What are Strata Janitorial Services?

June 22, 2020


In British Columbia, strata housing includes a wide range of housing varieties including condos, townhomes, duplexes, and sometimes even single family homes.  Some of the benefits of strata housing include improved security and shared housing maintenance that make home ownership more affordable and convenient.  As you might expect, strata janitorial services are cleaning services that are managed by the strata committee to ensure that common areas including gyms, elevators, stairwells, hallways, and outdoor spaces are maintained and sanitary.

In a nutshell, strata janitorial services include all the cleaning tasks required to care for common, open spaces of a strata property.  Strata owners benefit greatly from these services which are managed centrally by the strata committee.  In the long run, strata janitorial services improve the health and safety of a facility while also ensuring the property maintains its value today and into the future.  Indeed, without proper janitorial services, common spaces in strata properties can fall into disrepair rather quickly which presents not only as a health and safety issue, but also can hasten property damage and undermine property values.

There are many strata janitorial services provided by professional cleaning companies including floor care, window cleaning, pool cleaning, and lighting maintenance, not to mention general cleaning duties.

  • Floor maintenance – from buffing, stripping and sealing floors to regular vacuuming, strata janitors will professional clean and maintain all the common floors in your property. Working with a professional cleaner also ensures the different types of floors are properly cleaned.  Indeed, not all floors can simply be vacuumed or mopped to keep them clean and sanitary.  Strata janitorial service providers know the best treatments and cleaning procedures for different floor types and they have the equipment, cleaners, and skills to handle them all.  That means that even in a property with several different types of floors, your janitor will be able to effectively clean them all.
  • Window cleaning – interior and exterior windows require regular cleaning to maintain the appearance of your building. Once again, strata janitors have the equipment and cleaning materials to keep your windows clear and squeaky clean.
  • Pool cleaning – if your strata property has a gym or pool facility, strata janitors ensure effective and thorough cleaning of these facilities. Make no mistake, effective pool maintenance requires specialized skills and knowledge so should always be managed by professional cleaners.  Regular testing of the water ensures a safe and sanitary swimming experience for all strata residents.
  • Lighting maintenance – strata cleaners are trained to inspect and change emergency lights whenever they require replacement. This is incredibly important for ensuring the safety of your building, common areas, and residents alike.

These are just a few of the tasks that professional strata cleaners can manage so that your home and its property are always clean and well-maintained in common areas.

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