Office Cleaning Tips for Summer

July 21, 2021

Office Cleaning Tips for Summer

Office Cleaning Tips for Summer

Summer in the office is a special time of year.  Folks tend to be busier in their personal lives – whether that means more social engagement at the end of the work day or time away on vacation, the office takes on a different vibe in the summer months.  Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean that people are less in tune with keeping the office orderly – desks are disheveled, food is rotting in the fridge, and fruit flies can become a nuisance.  The following office cleaning tips can help you and your team keep your office cleaner throughout the summer.

Kitchens and Break Rooms

Ideally, your office cleaners will conduct regular checks to make sure the fridge is clean and food isn’t left to rot.  That being said, it’s important to engage your staff to take responsibility for their leftovers.  Professional cleaners will often recommend that staff is provided a deadline to remove their food and containers from the fridge so that cleaners can sanitize the fridge.  This helps to keep food odors and fruit flies at bay.  Additionally, consider putting a compost bin in your kitchen and/or break room so that food waste can be removed daily, especially in summer months.

Promote Tidy Desks

In order to maintain a dust free environment, surfaces including desks and cabinets should be wiped regularly.  Your employees can help cleaning staff by making sure that surfaces are free of clutter at the end of the day.  Creating organizational systems that are accessible and easy to use is vital to ensuring that desks and surfaces are free of clutter.  Still, during the summer when the weather tends to be drier, dust and dirt is more readily tracked through the office so you may need to increase the frequency of surface cleaning to ensure optimal air quality and ultimately your employees’ efficiency.

Clean the Floors

Whether you live and work in a hot/dry climate or a hot/humid climate or somewhere in between, floors can become especially dirty during the summer months.  You may also find that mold or bacteria becomes a bigger concern when the temperature heats up.  Increase the frequency of floor cleaning in the summer to maintain a fresher environment.  Your professional cleaning service will have the right materials for the job no matter the type of flooring in your office.  They will also probably recommend deep cleaning your carpets in the summer because many offices tend to be a bit quieter in the summer with staff on vacation and such.

Remember, keeping a clean and sanitary office is important year round which is why it is always advisable to work with a professional cleaning company that can help you identify the cleaning tasks that are most important no matter the season.

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