Office Cleaning Tips for Summer

July 21, 2021

Office Cleaning Tips for Summer

Office Cleaning Tips for Summer Summer in the office is a special time of year.  Folks tend to be busier in their personal lives – whether that means more social engagement at the end of the work day or time away on vacation, the office takes on a different vibe in the summer months.  Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean that people are less in tune with keeping the office orderly – desks are disheveled, food is rotting in the fridge,…

How Much Should Commercial Cleaning Cost?

June 21, 2021

How Much Should Commercial Cleaning Cost?

How Much Should Commercial Cleaning Cost? Commercial cleaning is an important component of maintaining the well-being of your staff and customers.  Yet, depending on a number of factors, the cost of commercial cleaning can vary widely.  So, while it is not effective to take a one-size-fits-all approach to determining the costs of commercial cleaning, it can be helpful to understand what factors will influence how much commercial cleaning should cost.  From the size of your facility and the scope of…

Commercial Cleaning During COVID-19

May 18, 2021

Commercial Cleaning and COVID-19

Commercial Cleaning During COVID-19 The pandemic has affected how we engage in our daily lives in so many ways, but one area that has likely been impacted the most is how we address commercial cleaning.  For the safety of staff and customers, commercial cleaning during COVID-19 has needed to be more thorough and more frequent.  We’ve needed to invest in new cleaning supplies in addition to training staff on proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures.  It has become very challenging for…

Spring Cleaning Tips

April 22, 2021

Spring Cleaning for your Office

It’s spring! The sun is out and it’s starting to feel warmer.  With flowers blossoming and birds singing, it’s almost like an invitation for a new start in our homes as well.  Spring commercial cleaning offers the perfect chance to tackle a more thorough home cleaning and start the season feeling refreshed and revitalized.  With that in mind, finding the right time and getting organized for spring cleaning are often the main barriers to going deeper than our daily cleans. …

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

March 23, 2021

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

The most successful businesses have one very important characteristic in common – organization.  Business processes are organized, employees are organized, and the environment is organized.  Indeed, efficient and effective operations rely on it, and one part of the organization of a business is cleanliness.  Working with a professional cleaning company helps to ensure your office or commercial space is in optimal condition to allow your employees to do their best work.  So then, let’s take a closer look at all…