How Often Should My Office Be Cleaned?

September 23, 2021

Office Cleaning or House Cleaning

How Often Should My Office Be Cleaned?

Regular office cleaning not only helps you maintain a tidy office that sets the right impression for your clients, but it also helps you promote better health and safety for your staff.  Additionally, a sanitary office environment is associated with improved productivity and reduced sick time which ultimately means that professional office cleaning is an investment with significant returns.  With that in mind, you may be asking, “how often should my office be cleaned?”  In reality, every office environment is different and will have different cleaning requirements.  Let’s take a look at some common office cleaning tasks so you can get a better idea of how often you should schedule your office cleaning.

Surface Cleaning

Desks, tables, countertops, and windowsills are just a few surfaces that should be included in your regular office cleaning schedule.  Not only do dust and other contaminants accumulate on surfaces, but they can also be places where bacteria and viruses can accumulate.  In order to maintain adequate health and safety, most surfaces should be wiped down daily.  You can encourage your staff to wipe down their desks at the end of every day, but rely on your professional cleaners to ensure that surfaces are sanitized and disinfected.  You’ll want to consider the nature of your office environment – surfaces in medical offices should be sanitized and disinfected more frequently.

High touch surfaces such as door knobs, light switches, elevator buttons, as well as shared office equipment such as computers keyboards, telephones, photocopiers, and even break room appliances must also be regularly cleaned.  Germs can easily spread from person to person on these surfaces so make sure they are properly sanitized to maintain staff well-being.

Floor Cleaning

Carpets, laminate, hardwood, and other flooring should also be cleaned regularly.  Once again, depending on the amount of traffic and the type of flooring, professional cleaners usually recommend at least weekly cleaning.  Carpets should be vacuumed weekly but will require deeper cleaning at least a few times a year.  Other flooring surfaces should be swept daily to remove obvious dirt or debris, but these floors will also need to be washed and sometimes waxed and buffed on a weekly basis.  During months with inclement weather (including rain, snow, and ice), you’ll probably find these floors need to be cleaned more often.

Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning

Kitchens and bathrooms should be cleaned at least daily.  Professional cleaners will make sure to stock paper towels, toilet paper, soap dispenser, and other shared supplies.  Kitchens and bathrooms are major sources of bacteria, viruses, and other illness-causing microorganisms, so it’s especially important that these rooms are regularly sanitized and disinfected.

Work closely with your professional cleaning team to identify your unique cleaning needs so that you can set up a cleaning schedule that works for your office.

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