Commercial Office Cleaning Rates

November 22, 2021

Commercial Cleaning Rates Vancouver

Commercial Office Cleaning Rates

Your office may be one of your biggest business investments – not only is it costly to purchase or rent office space, but it is also a place that influences so much of your employees’ wellness and productivity.  A well-maintained office is often the cover by which the book of your business is judged.  Plus, a well-organized office allows for better organized operations.  Still, as a business owner, your expertise is certainly not cleaning.  In fact, you may not even have the skills to manage office cleaning staff effectively.  As such, hiring professional cleaners is always recommended; but, as you know – there is a cost.  So how much does office cleaning cost?

Several factors will influence the cost of commercial office cleaning.  The size of the office, your cleaning needs, and the time required to do the cleaning are some of the intrinsic factors that will impact office cleaning costs.  Additionally, you should expect costs to vary depending on the company you are working with – some are large, reputable companies that charge more (mostly for their reputation).  Some companies offer specialized cleaning services that may or may not be relevant to your cleaning needs.  Ultimately, it is important to consider your unique needs and contact several contractors to find the cleaning services you need within your budget.  With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of these intrinsic factors that will affect office cleaning costs.

Office Size

Larger offices cost more to clean – that’s just common sense.  Not only do larger offices require more time to clean (in most, but not all cases), they often feature different types of equipment or surfaces that must also be cleaned.  For example, a small rented office in a larger building may have a shared bathroom space.  In these arrangements, the building owners usually take responsibility for cleaning the bathroom, so your office cleaner only needs to focus on your space which may have one type of flooring and fewer pieces of equipment.  On the other hand, a large office space may have a kitchen, bathrooms, several private offices and meeting spaces that require cleaning.  The equipment and supplies required to clean these spaces will vary and so will the costs.

Cleaning Time

Not only the duration of cleaning but the time of day your office is cleaned will influence cleaning costs.  If you have a lot of equipment, windows, desks, and other features that require cleaning, your cleaning time will be longer and costs will often be higher.  Additionally, some companies will charge more depending on whether you want your office cleaned after hours or during regular business hours.  You must negotiate all these terms with your potential commercial cleaner.

Cleaning Services

Finally, the services you require and the frequency of cleaning will impact costs.  There are a wide range of cleaning services from recycling and garbage removal, floor and wall cleaning to surface sanitization and disinfection.  Your specific cleaning requirements and the frequency of cleaning will certainly impact office cleaning costs.

So then, how much does office cleaning cost?  As you can see, it depends on a wide range of factors that must be discussed with your cleaners before you finalize your cleaning contract.

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