Spring Cleaning Tips

April 22, 2021

Spring Cleaning for your Office

It’s spring! The sun is out and it’s starting to feel warmer.  With flowers blossoming and birds singing, it’s almost like an invitation for a new start in our homes as well.  Spring commercial cleaning offers the perfect chance to tackle a more thorough home cleaning and start the season feeling refreshed and revitalized.  With that in mind, finding the right time and getting organized for spring cleaning are often the main barriers to going deeper than our daily cleans.  So, hold on to your socks…we’re about to share some spring cleaning tips that will motivate you to get started.

Make a Plan

When you look around your home do you feel overwhelmed by amount of work you have to do?  You’re not alone.  One of the biggest mistakes folks make when considering spring cleaning is they are disorganized.  The most important piece of advice we can give you is to realize that it doesn’t all need to be done in a day.  Now, some of you are saying…I’m getting this done in a day – and that’s great!  But it still can be helpful to make a plan.

Start by making a list of all the cleaning tasks you want to accomplish room by room.  This will be your spring cleaning checklist – and trust us, when you see yourself making progress through your list, you’ll find yourself more motivated to keep on cleaning.

Set a Schedule

Next, give yourself a time-based goal for your cleaning.  We’ve found it helps to set a timeframe for each room – you may decide to clean the bedrooms in one day, the living room another, and save the garage for the end (nobody likes to clean the garage).  Whatever you do, schedule yourself enough time to tackle all the cleaning tasks on your list.

Out with the Old

Always…and we mean ALWAYS start your spring cleaning with removing clutter.  Clearing out items that you no longer use or feel is unnecessary for your life not only clears out your space, but it clears out your mind.  Once the clutter is gone, the cleaning is much easier.  It is also so much easier to organize the things you need and want when you have more space to do it.  You can hold a garage sale, donate old items to charity, or even hire a removal company to take your junk and sort it for you.  You will feel so much better when the clutter is gone.

Leave No Stone Unturned

That couch you’ve never moved…those patio chairs that have never been cleaned…the walls and windows – whatever it is, spring cleaning is the perfect time to clean every nook and cranny.  Once again, we want to remind you that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your spring cleaning is something you can tackle piece by piece so that you still have time to do the things you love.  Of course, you might be like us and the thing you love is spring cleaning, but each to their own!

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