Office Cleaning and Health

April 11, 2013

What is Office Cleaning Maintenance?

We would all agree that the health of our employees is of paramount importance.  Not only is employee health important for ensuring an efficient and effective workplace, but employee satisfaction is going to be significantly impacted by said employee’s health.  As such, many managers and business owners make efforts to ensure their workers’ health through benefits, gym memberships, and other practices aimed at improving or maintaining health.  Yet many of us overlook the importance of office cleaning in terms of…

Office Cleaning Tips

March 22, 2013

office cleaning tips

For many of us, we spend about the same amount of time in the office as we spend at home.  Certainly from Monday to Friday, the majority of our waking hours are spent at the office, which is why working in a clean and hygienic environment is important.  Still, we usually give much less consideration to a clean working space as to a clean home, even though cleanliness at work often translates directly to efficiency and productivity.  These office cleaning…

What is Green Cleaning?

March 8, 2013

benefits of clean office

We all understand the importance of protecting the environment.  In recent years, we have witnessed the emergence of many “green” technologies aimed at reducing our impact on our natural surroundings.  From electric cars to energy-saving light bulbs, the environmental movement continues to push for progress when it comes to products, activities, and attitudes that damage our environment.  Green cleaning is just one example of how an entire industry can change to meet the needs of the environment.  Simply put, green…

Picking an Office Cleaning Company

February 25, 2013

commercial cleaning - what to expect

So you have decided that hiring a professional office cleaning company is a more reliable, effective, and efficient manner of maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of your offices.  You are not alone.  Property management companies, facilities directors, and office managers for large and small companies depend on professional office cleaners to maintain a clean and sanitary office.  Unfortunately, in any given city there are likely several reputable companies that offer first class cleaning services, so how do you go about…

Benefits of Hiring an Office Cleaning Company

February 5, 2013

office cleaning

The overall condition of your office is important for making a positive first impression for clients and staff members alike.  Moreover, a clean and well-organized office is much more conducive to productivity as employees can focus on the important tasks at hand rather than maintaining the cleanliness of their workspaces.  A professional office cleaning company is contracted to provide customized cleaning services so that  your offices are always clean, comfortable, and presentable.  Yet, many business owners choose not to hire…