Is it Time to Hire a New Janitorial Company?

May 21, 2020

When Should You Hire an Office Cleaning Company?

A clean, sanitary, and organized office is fundamental to the success of any business.  While we cannot always control the cleanliness of individual employees – some of us are messier than others, maintaining a clean office is important for the health and safety of employees, the impression we make on potential employees, and even for efficiency and productivity.  Even for small businesses, working with a professional janitorial company can help employees focus on their most important tasks while creating an environment that is conducive to success.  So when is it time to hire a new janitorial company?

Your Office is Chaotic

Dust and dirt on surfaces, grime on windows, overflowing trash cans, and other signs of a chaotic office are key indicators that it is time to hire a new janitorial company.  When you can easily see that things have gotten out of hand, you have little time to waste.  Working with a professional cleaner helps keep your office sanitary so that your employees keep their sanity!  Ultimately, when employees and potential clients are met with chaos in the office, your business is likely suffering.

High Rates of Sick Leave

Are your employees regularly sick with the common cold or flu viruses?  Bacteria and viruses can spread through contact with office surfaces; so, if you have high rates of sick leave, it’s probably time to consider hiring a qualified janitor.  In fact, even when bacterial and viral infections are not the culprit, your business can lose valuable work hours simply because employees can be stressed out, frustrated, and easily distracted by an unclean office environment.  Finally, allergens that live in dust and debris can wreak havoc on your employees’ respiratory tracts which will also certainly contribute to unnecessary sick leaves.

Poor Productivity

When you want to support an efficient and productive work environment, one of the best things you can do is keep things clean and organized.  Not only can a disorganized and dirty work environment create unnecessary lulls in focus which limits productivity, but the time spent on maintaining the cleanliness of their workstation and shared offices spaces is usually time that could be better spent on growing your business.

A Book and Its Cover

As much as you want to tell yourself that clients will judge the quality of the work you provide, the reality is that if clients see your office as messy and disorganized, they are likely to apply those judgements to the work that you do.  It’s hard to imagine that a successful business can operate in the midst of clutter and disorder.  If you want to impress your clients, you must know that their initial impressions will almost always be based on what they see.

Remember, working with a professional janitorial company can help you keep your office clean and sanitary so that your staff can focus on their most important tasks and clients can see an office that reflects the hard work you do.

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