Hiring a Janitorial Service

December 10, 2012

Budgeting for Commercial Cleaning Services

Your workplace environment plays a critical role in productivity and comfort.  A tidy and clean workplace not only directly impacts efficiency, but also creates a positive first impression with both staff and clients.  As such, hiring a qualified janitorial service is especially important.  In any market, there are likely hundreds of janitorial service providers, so finding a professional and qualified company that can provide quality janitorial services may be more difficult than it seems.  If you are considering hiring a janitorial service, consider the following tips before making your choice.

Set your Expectations

Before you make a list of prospective janitorial service providers, you’ll first want to know what services you require.  What do you need cleaned?  How often do you require these cleaning services?  What is your budget?  Basically, you want to compile a list of cleaning tasks, the frequency with which you need them done, and how much you’re willing to pay.  Once you have documented your cleaning requirements, you’ll be in a much better position to assess the suitability of potential janitorial service providers and ultimately hire the right company for the job.  But remember, your cleaning needs may change, so you’ll want to work with a janitorial service provider that is flexible.

Choose a Company Based on Your Service Needs

After you’ve made a list of the services you need, you can start your search by looking for companies that can provide those services.  Not all janitorial companies will be candidates who can provide the type, frequency and volume of cleaning services you require; for example, if you work in a medical clinic, you’ll want to hire a janitorial service that can address your special needs or have experience in another similar environment.  If your company is large, a small janitorial service with only one or two employees may not be able to meet your large and likely growing needs.

Seek Referrals/References

Ideally, you should speak to colleagues about their janitorial services.  Nothing is quite as reliable as word of mouth.  Almost every manager or business owner can relate an experience with a janitorial service provider that was sub-par.  As is the case with any operation, some janitors are looking to make a quick buck, so you want to be sure that you’re hiring a professional who is effective and efficient.  If you don’t have resources to tap for referrals, ask potential janitorial companies for references.

Seek Proposals and Hire Based on Experience, References and Value

The biggest mistake you can make in outsourcing cleaning services is to blindly choose a few janitorial service providers from the Yellow Pages and hire the one with the cheapest price. You should request proposals and interview several qualified janitorial companies.

What does qualified mean?  The proposal should help you answer that question.

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Do they clean for other companies similar to yours?
  • Who are some of their references and how long have they been providing services for them?

It is well worth it to take the time to phone a few references to get a feel for your prospective janitorial service provider.

While your budget may be a major determining factor in who you ultimately hire, you may find a slightly more expensive janitorial service is also more… qualified.  Remember, you usually end up getting what you pay for.

With these things in mind throughout the entire process, you’ll gain valuable information that will enable you to select the company that will meet your immediate and long term cleaning needs.

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