What are Green Janitorial Services?

October 22, 2018

Green Janitorial Services

Being aware of our environmental impact is an important responsibility nowadays.  Indeed, environmentalism drives innovation in a wide range of industries including the cleaning industries.  Yet, when it comes to green janitorial services, the benefits extend far beyond the effects of these services on our ecosystem.  Green janitorial services not only help protect nature from the damaging effects of chemical cleaning products and processes, but they also protect the people we serve.  So then, what are green janitorial services and why should you consider them for your business?

In a nutshell, green janitorial services are those that utilize environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods that not only promote environmental health but human health as well.  There are a wide range of approaches to green cleaning that start with the use of products that are free from toxic chemicals and volatile compounds that have been shown to have a negative impact on body systems.  Traditional cleaning methods may cause respiratory or dermatological conditions, and in some cases, these techniques have been associated with even more serious chronic diseases including cancer.  Janitorial professionals who identify as green or eco-friendly use cleaning products that are biodegradable and toxin-free.

There are a lot of myths surrounding green janitorial services.  First and foremost, many people believe that green cleaning products are not as effective as products with harsh chemicals.  On the contrary, green cleaning techniques tend to be gentle but highly effective not only for producing sparkling, clean results, but more importantly for reducing exposure to toxins and contaminants.  Particularly for individuals with established chronic conditions such as asthma or allergies, green janitorial services can ensure better health while creating a clean and sanitary environment.

Nevertheless, as society at large is increasingly interested in reducing humans’ environmental impact, green cleaning products and service providers have begun to flood the market.  Unfortunately, not all products are independently reviewed and certified eco-friendly.  As such, it is important to work with reputable green cleaning professionals to affirm that the green janitorial services you receive are indeed environmentally sustainable.

Still, employing green cleaning services in your business and even your home can have a number of important benefits.  Not only can you rest easy knowing you are relying on services that minimally impact the environment, but you are also promoting better health and well-being for your staff, colleagues, clients, and family.  Ultimately, green janitorial services utilize products and techniques that are ideal for individuals with allergies or other sensitivities to chemical products, but also for those in ideal health as well.  Avoiding the use of perfumes, dyes, caustic or corrosive ingredients, and volatile organic compounds means you achieve efficient, affordable, and effective cleaning that won’t negatively impact the environment or your health.

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