What are Green Janitorial Services?

October 22, 2018

Green Janitorial Services

Being aware of our environmental impact is an important responsibility nowadays.  Indeed, environmentalism drives innovation in a wide range of industries including the cleaning industries.  Yet, when it comes to green janitorial services, the benefits extend far beyond the effects of these services on our ecosystem.  Green janitorial services not only help protect nature from the damaging effects of chemical cleaning products and processes, but they also protect the people we serve.  So then, what are green janitorial services and…

Industrial versus Commercial Janitorial Services

September 18, 2018

Office Cleaning

You may or may not be aware that commercial cleaning companies provide services for a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and domestic customers.  As such, many cleaning companies specialize in a particular area – after all, cleaning a home and cleaning a factory require vastly different skills, equipment, and expertise.  So then, what is the difference between industrial and commercial janitorial services? First, let’s take a closer look at commercial janitorial services.  In fact, commercial cleaning encompasses a large number…

Commercial Flooring Options

August 17, 2018


Commercial flooring is designed to withstand the demands of high traffic, but that does not mean you need to sacrifice style.  When it comes to commercial flooring options, it is possible to get a durable, easily maintained material that is also aesthetically pleasing.  Depending on your business and the volume of traffic your floor receives, you’ll want to carefully select a commercial flooring option that holds up to heavy use while saving you money on maintenance, repairs, and replacement.  So…

How Often Should You Clean your Office Windows?

July 19, 2018

window cleaning

Office maintenance is fundamental when you are running a business.  Not only does a well-maintained office promote productivity and workplace health and safety, but it signals to your current and future clients that you run an organized and efficient operation.  Just take a moment to consider your own reaction when you enter an office or business that is messy, dusty, or disorganized.  Ultimately, if you want to impress, you need to keep your office in tip top condition.  Obviously, there…

Janitorial & Cleaning Companies

June 22, 2018

The Difference between Janitorial and Cleaning Companies

Janitorial services, cleaning services – they are pretty much the same thing, right?  Wrong! There are distinct differences between janitorial and cleaning companies, though some professionals offer both types of services.  If you’re wondering about the difference, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ll take a look at the some of the details of these differences, but in general you might expect commercial cleaning companies to provide more specialized cleaning services than a janitorial company. First things first, let’s talk…