Industrial versus Commercial Janitorial Services

September 18, 2018

Office Cleaning

You may or may not be aware that commercial cleaning companies provide services for a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and domestic customers.  As such, many cleaning companies specialize in a particular area – after all, cleaning a home and cleaning a factory require vastly different skills, equipment, and expertise.  So then, what is the difference between industrial and commercial janitorial services?

First, let’s take a closer look at commercial janitorial services.  In fact, commercial cleaning encompasses a large number of different services.  In reality, commercial janitorial services include everything that is not domestic cleaning.  For example, companies that specialize in cleaning offices, hospitals, schools, and business are all technically commercial cleaning companies.  More specifically, commercial janitorial services tend to involve heavier and more frequent cleaning tasks.  Consider an office with a hundred employees that also welcomes numerous customers and visitors on a daily basis.  While you may not need to clean your home carpeting on a weekly or monthly basis, busier environments will require more frequent cleaning.

There are also highly specialized commercial cleaning services.  Have you ever visited a school and seen the janitor buffing the floors with a large, industrial machine?  Clearly, you would not have the skills, expertise, or even need to conduct this kind of cleaning in your home.  In fact, depending on the kind of business operating, cleaning needs can vary significantly.  Hospitals require regular disinfection, and health care equipment must be cleaned in order to meet rigorous safety standards.  Likewise, specialized cleaning materials may be required for commercial jobs, so it’s always best to work with professionals with expertise in a specific industry.

So, that brings us to industrial janitorial services.  How do industrial cleaning services differ from commercial janitorial services?  Actually, industrial cleaning services fall under the wider umbrella of commercial cleaning.  Of course, that doesn’t actually clarify the nature of industrial cleaning.  In a nutshell, industrial cleaning involves janitorial services for warehouses, construction sites, factories, and other large facilities.  Additionally, industrial cleaning may include specialized janitorial services such as dust and infection control, cryogenic cleaning, and pressure washing.

Another factor that distinguishes industrial cleaning from other commercial janitorial services is the demanding nature of the work.  Industrial facilities may include heavy machinery, lubricants, paint, metal shavings, not to mention other dirt and debris that needs to be cleaned to maintain a healthy work environment.  Because of the nature of industrial janitorial services, it is critical to work with a company that specializes in the kind of cleaning you require.  Always contact various commercial cleaning companies for quotes and be explicit about what your needs and expectations are before signing a cleaning contract.  Ultimately, industrial cleaning is heavy work, and you want a company that will successfully provide the services you require.

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