5 Reasons to Outsource Office Cleaning

August 22, 2017

Office Cleaning

Keeping a clean office is integral to running an efficient business with productive staff and satisfied customers.  Though you might see office cleaning as a tedious necessity, there is no question it needs to be done.  As such, the question often turns to whether to hire in-house staff to manage your cleaning requirements or whether to outsource your office cleaning.  So, why would you choose to contract your cleaning rather than managing the tedium yourself?  Let’s look at the top 5 reasons to outsource office cleaning.


Professional cleaning companies offer the highest quality cleaning work because they have the skills, experience, equipment, and supplies to get the job done right no matter the size or nature of your office.  They already know which products work and which don’t, and they know how to get the job done effectively and affordably.  Plus, as outsourcing professional cleaners means you’re working with people that prioritize cleaning you’re also sure to enjoy a spotless office.


Hiring, training, and managing in-house janitorial staff costs you time and money.  You’ll also have to purchase cleaning equipment and supplies, not to mention maintaining and replacing these products.  On the other hand, professional cleaning companies already have the tools they need to clean your office and you won’t need to worry about staff turnover, employee benefits, and other costs of managing and hiring cleaners.  You can also arrange a cleaning schedule that is right for your business rather than paying cleaning staff regardless of whether there is work to be done.


At the end of the day, outsourced cleaners make their money from satisfied customers so they’ll go above and beyond to deliver quality work at a price you can afford.  While you might get lucky and hire an excellent janitor that takes pride in her or his work, you might also suffer the fate of many other business owners – high cleaner turnover and the costs associated with finding and training new cleaners.


As it’s already been suggested, there are a number of administrative tasks associated with managing in-house cleaning staff.  Not only do you need to manage salaries and benefits, you’ll also be responsible for managing cleaning supplies and equipment.  Some products will require special attention as determined by health and safety requirements; for example, many cleaning products require special storage and warnings to protect the health of employees.  By outsourcing your office cleaning, all these extra duties are passed on to your cleaning company.

Comprehensive Cleaning

In many cases, even if you decide to use in-house staff for cleaning, you’ll still have to outsource some cleaning jobs.  Beyond basic cleaning services, you might need regular deep carpet cleaning, outdoor window cleaning, and other tasks that you might not consider affect your day-to-day operations.  Working with professional cleaners means all your cleaning tasks are handled by one company who can also help you identify some of the hidden office cleaning necessities.

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