What is Quality Assurance Program?

September 20, 2017


What is quality assurance?  In a nutshell, quality assurance is a process or program by which a standard of quality is maintained for a product or service.  That being said, any quality assurance program usually incorporates many stages to ensure quality at every step of service delivery or product production.  When it comes to our own quality assurance program, we make every effort to thoroughly and effectively deliver quality cleaning services by addressing our performance across all aspects of our business.  So, what are the elements of our quality assurance program?

Consistent Oversight

We recognize that quality assurance is not a destination, but a journey.  We are always reviewing, monitoring, and inspecting our services to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of cleaning services throughout the lifespan of their contract with us.  A supervisor or quality assurance professional conducts regular and unscheduled inspections and we collect regular quality assurance reports from our sites.

Setting Expectations

Not only do we inspect our work to ensure quality, but we set the highest industry standards for our services.  We assign dedicated staff to address the unique needs of each of our customers and work closely with these clients to address their own expectations of our services.  Our goal is to help our customers not only maintain their facilities, but to prevent future problems and also identify areas for improvement.

Training and Qualifications

We take hiring very seriously.  Our staff must demonstrate exemplary skills or undergo the necessary training to achieve the level of service we demand for our customers.  Not only are your cleaners highly qualified, they are also carefully vetted so that we know we work with skilled professionals that represent the qualities of integrity, initiative, and industriousness.

Likewise, our supervisory staff are groomed to represent our core values and vision.  Providing the highest standards of cleaning service set us apart from our competitors and we want to ensure our management team maintains those standards.


New contracts are handled with the care and attention they not only deserve, but require.  We want to ensure our new customers are effectively taken care of during their transition to our services and endeavour to make this transition problem-free and within a 24-hour timeframe.


Finally, when it comes to the products we utilize to deliver our services, we’re never satisfied.  We want to give you the best possible cleaning services, but we are also committed to providing safe and sustainable cleaning solutions.  As such, we are always reviewing the products we use and continue to upgrade to the best and most sustainable alternatives available on the market.  When it comes to cleaning, we know it’s important to offer unparalleled services while also mitigating our impact on the environment.

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