Keeping Your Office Clean

September 3, 2013

Office Cleaning Etiquette

There are many good reasons to keep your office clean. One of the most basic and easily understood reasons is hygiene. In order to prevent the spread of germs – either from your hands onto office equipment or from equipment onto your hands – your desk and workspace should be sanitized regularly. In addition, a tidy office is also important for workplace productivity. Countless studies have shown that individuals who work in a clean, well-kept office are much more effective…

What to Expect from your Office Cleaning Company

July 16, 2013

office cleaning

Professional office cleaning companies offer a variety of services, but not all companies are the same.  Even if you compare janitorial services with commercial or office cleaners, you’re likely to find some disparity in the services they provide.  Nevertheless, when hiring a cleaning service for your office, you should have some basic expectations.  Ultimately, you want affordable cleaning services from a reputable company so that you always know that you are getting your money’s worth. Most cleaning companies will offer…

How Much Should you Pay for Janitorial Services?

July 2, 2013

commercial cleaning - what to expect

The business model of any successful company will focus on increasing profits while limiting costs.  Nevertheless, regardless of the size of your company, there are some expenditures you must be willing to make; and even for the smallest independent business, janitorial services is most likely one of these expenditures.  Fortunately, professional janitorial services help managers and business owners to improve efficiency by providing an optimal working environment, and to create a good impression with current and potential clients.  So what…

Window Cleaning Tips

June 20, 2013

What is Office Cleaning Maintenance?

Cleaning windows can be a challenging task, especially if you have many second floor (or higher) windows that need to be tackled.  While there are many commercially available cleaners that make cleaning indoor windows a relatively easy task, handling the external side of windows is a much more labor intensive job.  Nevertheless, the job needs to be done.  The following guidelines will help you clean your windows properly, so you can enjoy sparkling clear views from the comfort of your…

How to Clean your Carpet and Get Stains Out

June 6, 2013

benefits of clean office

Even the tidiest of homeowners are all too familiar with the challenges posed by carpeting.  Regardless of how often or thoroughly you clean your home, carpets tend to accumulate stains, dust, and pet odours.  While regular vacuuming is the most important step in maintaining clean carpets (professionals recommend vacuuming 3 to 4 times per week), high traffic areas on carpet are bound to require special cleaning from time-to-time.  Nevertheless, when it comes to maintaining your carpet, you should be sure…