How Often Should You Clean your Office Windows?

July 19, 2018

window cleaning

Office maintenance is fundamental when you are running a business.  Not only does a well-maintained office promote productivity and workplace health and safety, but it signals to your current and future clients that you run an organized and efficient operation.  Just take a moment to consider your own reaction when you enter an office or business that is messy, dusty, or disorganized.  Ultimately, if you want to impress, you need to keep your office in tip top condition.  Obviously, there are many different cleaning services to consider, but let’s take a closer look at window cleaning.  How often should you clean your office windows?

Now, there’s no hard and fast, one-size-fits-all answer to this question.  There are many things to consider.  Factors such as the type of business, your geographic location, the size of your office, and of course your budget all come into play.  Are you scheduling indoor or outdoor window cleaning?  Do you regularly host clients or other professionals in your offices?  Where are your windows located?  These all seem like irrelevant questions when all you want is clean windows, but they’re not.

Typically, interior window cleaning is less costly and scheduled more frequently than exterior window cleaning.  A small office with only a few staff that rarely host clients probably has more limited window cleaning needs.  If you have windows within your offices (for example, between private offices and shared office spaces), or your main entry features windows, your cleaning schedule may vary.  Even the geographic location of your offices is important.  Weather, landscaping, or an urban or suburban location are also factors that influence window cleaning frequency.

When it comes to weather, if you are situated in a climate with a lot of rain or a rainy season, you’ll likely require more frequent exterior window cleanings during this season.  Some business owners choose to regularly schedule window cleanings and then increase that schedule or add cleanings whenever weather plays a bigger role.  If you’re considering landscaping, factors such as surrounding trees can impact cleaning schedules.  For example, birds and insects can definitely leave their mark, so you may need to have your office windows cleaned more frequently.  Likewise, windows on an office on a busy urban street with high traffic is likely to get dirtier faster than windows on a quiet street.

Ideally, you want to work with a professional cleaning company that can help you develop an office window cleaning schedule that works for you and your business.  When you collaborate with professionals, you can trust that you’ll get effective window cleaning services that allow you to keep your office in its best possible condition.  And ultimately, this is good business for your business.

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