How Often Should You Book a Window Cleaning Service?

March 22, 2017


Do you hate cleaning windows?  As if cleaning interior windows wasn’t a hassle enough (it is!), but really…who wants to spend time cleaning exterior windows?  I can’t think of anybody, except maybe the professionals.  No doubt, cleaning outside windows involves a lot of messing around – you’ve got to drag buckets of water and other cleaning supplies up and down ladders to reach higher level windows.  Not to mention the actual work of cleaning the window.  To make a long story short, cleaning windows is a difficult job that also poses some risk to your safety (hello! Ladders!!).  Plus, as a amateur, you may have noticed how difficult it is to get pristine, streak-free windows.  I’d swear it’s impossible!  So, what can you do?

The answer is simple: hire professional window cleaners and your window-cleaning nightmares are gone.  Window cleaning service professionals have all the skills and tools they need to do the job (interior AND exterior) effectively, efficiently, and most importantly – safely.  When many of us consider the actual cleaning part of windows (i.e. before we’ve even considered hiking up and down ladders with buckets of water, squeegees, and whatever else you’ll need), we probably think – how hard can it be?  Wipe the window, dry the window, job done.  Then if you’ve ever tried to clean your exterior windows, you probably know how painstaking the job can be.  Fortunately, professional cleaners use the right cleaners and equipment to leave your windows clear as glass!

But, how often do you need to have your windows cleaned.  This really depends on a lot of factors.  What is the weather like in your area?  Do you get a lot of rain, snow, or wind?  Is your home surrounded by trees or other sources of debris?  How clean do you like your windows to be?  It may seem strange, but the frequency of window cleanings is a uniquely personal choice.

Nevertheless, most professionals recommend window cleaning services at least once or twice a year for basic home services.  You can even get more bang for your buck and have your interior and exterior windows cleaned at the same time.  As a business owner, you will want to have more frequent cleanings.  Clean windows are an easy way to make your business appear efficient and organized – and no matter how much our mothers tried to teach us not to judge a book by it’s cover, it’s usually the first thing we do.  Professional window cleaning services for businesses should be conducted at least once a month; but once again, that depends on several factors such as dirt, debris, and weather that may cause your windows to become dirty faster.

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